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Hope Sustains Life, Proper and timely medication saves lives!

We believe in fulfilling both. TVB Pharmacies Private Limited is one of the largest independent suppliers of Generic & Branded Medicines that is bringing hope and treatment to millions of people across the globe.

A simple promise that turned into a mission to make available affordable medicines to one and all throughout the world forms the core foundation of TVB Pharmacies Private Limited. Thousands of people have beaten the odds and survived deadly diseases like Cancer by receiving timely treatment with the help of TVB. Scientific advancements across the globe have heralded a new era of medical treatment but making it reach the common man and let the society reap its benefits has been only possible due to the efforts of companies like TVB that make medicines easily available throughout the world at economical prices.

TVB Pharmacies nurtures on the basic principle of quality, low price and an authentic core value. The product range at TVB includes low priced Generic as well as nearby developed Branded Medicines. Also supplying Vitamins, Medical Devices, Surgical, Herbal and OTC products in India and overseas, TVB stand for superior products at most affordable prices.

TVB Pharmacies is part of TVB Group International – a UK based company that has a notable presence in the global area for more than two decades. Building on the strengths of our parent company, we are committed to becoming a leader in delivering high quality, branded and generic medicines. Our experience, acumen and established profile history form the edifice of our growth. These have helped us to build new and sustain working partnerships for evolution and expansion. Today we continue to work and nurture associations with wholesalers and pharmacy chains in India supplying both niche & high value licensed medicines. All products at TVB are sourced from verified manufacturers who maintain international standards under the terms & conditions of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Quality lives in the heart and mind of people forever. Understanding this, TVB ensures that all products are of highest quality meeting global standards. As a result TVB Pharmacies is a trusted name among healthcare professionals and patients within India and across borders.

Committed to registration of products, we use our expertise to register in offshore counties too. We associate with local agents and distributors who understand their market supporting our penetration and establishment as a transnational pharmaceutical supplier.

Ware Housing and Logistics
TVB Pharmacies is supported by the latest and most advanced logistic and warehousing infrastructure to ensure highest level of services. Offering a vast range of products, we have the ability to respond and meet all types of requirements including urgent needs.

We ensure that all products delivered by TVB reach their destination safely, quickly and timely. Committed to improving healthcare and help people to receive benefits of scientific breakthroughs, TVB is a global pioneer of both Generic and Branded Medicines.